Why can’t I play movies from a USB drive on my LG model 32LN638B-UA TV?

Anonymous September 19, 2014

Our TV is a 2013 LG model 32LN638B-UA. It has a USB port but when we attach a stick or an external hard drive to play movies it does not work! Can anyone help with an answer!!!
Thanks, Dot

    September 20, 2014 at 1:25 am

    Hello, I have tried finding that model and I have not been able to. The one I found was for model 32LN530B. Is your TV LED? According to the specs it should be able to play video and DIVX. The following is the link for specs:


    There are a few things to consider: In older models, the flashdrive/external drive have to be formatted in FAT. Also according to TV, there are formats that can be played. Most TVs, play AVI without problems, but depending on how the video was encoded, sometimes there are issues with MKV and other formats.

    Do you have that user manual? It should tell you there. Also, do the flashdrive/ external work?