Why can’t I access my Gmail via Google TV and why does my new address crash all the time?

Jaydine Munsey May 29, 2013
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Help! I am on the lowest rung of geeks, so I apologize if I don’t ask this question clearly. I have a Google TV system. About a week ago, I became unable to access it because it just kept saying that it was “loading”.

I could access the Gmail account on this Google Nexus 7 tablet. I have been to the Google support forums and followed all of their troubleshooting check lists. Nothing has helped. I found a website similar to this, and I asked the same question. I tried their suggestions, and nothing helped.

I finally opened another Gmail account. This address will load, but it crashes every 5 minutes and has a message that says: “Something is wrong. We are unable to contact our servers. We will keep trying.”

Any help you might be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. I have reached my breaking point!


  1. susendeep dutta
    May 30, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Then if you are willing to take a little bit of security risk(not much if you scan it with any antivirus software),then you can install Firefox browser.

    How to sideload an app to Google TV

    Intructional video

    List of supported sideloaded apps that usually works with Google TV

    [Broken Link Removed]

  2. Alan Wade
    May 29, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Maybe if you list some of the suggestions offered by other forums, it will narrow down our suggestions for you.

    • Jaydine Munsey
      May 29, 2013 at 1:50 pm

      Hi to everyone who so kindly responded to my question. Thank you, Alan, for your marvelous suggestion. I realized AFTER I sent my question that I did not give any clues as to what I had already done. Here are the things that I have done to follow the checklist that Google Support listed for problems with loading - this list was also suggested by the other website. These were all suggestions as to how to get into my lvndrldy.munsey@gmail.com address as it is the one that loads in my tablet without any problems, but is now refusing to load in my Google TV. The second question had to do with the fact that I then opened up the catspajamas2013@gmail.com address, and it has difficulty loading, freezing, crashing, and sending me messages that "they are having trouble reaching their servers". I, manually reset that address to ONLY load, now, in the basic HTML version as that version does not crash, freeze, or have loading problems.

      1. I did clear all of the browser's cache and cookies. It did not help.
      2. I'm not certain that Google TV will support any other browser than Chrome, so I did not have another browser to try. However, I did try it in my Nexus 7 tablet, and it loads perfectly in the tablet, just not in the Google TV. I did not have another regular PC to try to see if that address would load in there.
      3. It loads perfectly fine in the basic HTML. It does not load in the standard setting.
      4. I could not use the disable lab features in the standard setting (https://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=0) because the standard setting does not load. I opened up the General Tab in basic HTML. Under "Browser Connection", neither radio button was checked ("Always use https OR Don't alwyas use https"). I checked the Always use https, and it did not help. I also went back in and unchecked it, and this did not help, either.
      5. I had 2 plug-ins: Flash-Version:102.164 with Shock Wave Flash 10.2r164. I disabled this one first, and it did not help. The second plug-in was the Default Plug-In-Version:1 which said that it provided functionality for installing third-party plug-ins. (Whatever that means.) I disabled this one next, and it id not help.
      6. I did try running the incognito window in Chrome. This did not help.
      7. I did not have any other browser toolbars to delete, i.e. Bing, Yahoo, etc.
      8. I did not find anything that said specifically "anti-virus scanner". The checklist suggested that you disable your anti-virus program to see if it helped, and of course, to reset it back up, after you tried that. I went into Settings. I clicked on "under the hood" underneath Security. I had several choices. A. Manage Certificates . . .all of those boxes were checked (I assume a default setting as I have no clue what this stuff means, so I didn't make any custom settings.) B. Check for server certificate revocation and two boxes were checked: 'Use SSL 3.0" and "Use TLS 1.0". There was another section called User Agent: There were 3 choices:"Default user Agent" which was ON, "Generic User Agent" which was OFF, and "Custom User Agent" which was also OFF.
      9. I did not know exactly where to look to disable any internet or email-related "extensions". To the best of my knowledge, I did not add any, although there might be some default settings.
      10. I did not have any other monitoring or internet protection programs running, i.e. Net-Nanny. Therefore, I did not have any to disable.
      #11 I have updated the Chrome browser to the latest version.

      These were all of the checklist questions, as I said, that the Google Support page suggested, and they were suggested by someone on the other web site as well.

      After doing all of this, this is when I opened up the new gmail address with the catspajamas username. As I stated, since Saturday, May 18, there has been a message on the left-had side that says, "Something is not right. We're having trouble contacting our servers. Will continue to work on the problem". I went over to Google's Any Known Issues page, and everything had a green light on it. I also checked out an excellent website, http://www.downrightnow.com, that monitors the status of major providers or websites, i.e. Google, Twitter, Facebook and lets you know if they are having any difficulties. I checked with them on the 18th. It said that Google had been down for the past 15 hrs., but was now up. However, I was still receiving the same message that they could not contact their servers in the inbox of my new gmail account.

      I hope this helps to clarify what I have done, and I have not made it clear as MUD! Thanks to all of you for taking time to look and try to help me out. I really appreciate it!


  3. ha14
    May 29, 2013 at 9:05 am

    how about contacting Logitech? if it is a bug then only logitech/gmail can help fixing.

    • Jaydine Munsey
      May 29, 2013 at 1:58 pm

      I would be willing to reconsider Logitech. I have not called them yet because they primarily help with totally blank screens, having to reboot (either a small one on the computer or a complete factory reboot), keyboard issues, i.e. keys falling off, punching on the letter "e" on your keyboard and instead of "e" you get "a", etc.

      Thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly keep it in mind. I could always call and just ask if this was a type of problem they covered.


  4. susendeep dutta
    May 29, 2013 at 7:22 am

    Be calm and don't break.

    It seems to me that you are using an app to access all your Gmail emails.Even if you try to use Google TV browser to access your Gmail,it would only load up Basic HTML version (which doesn't supports chats,hangouts etc.).

    It's not a problem associated with your revue TV but also other brands TV are also experiencing such problems. So,Google team has to make a fix around this issue.

    Till then,try accessing Gmail using Firefox browser for Android(if possible and compatible with your TV)

    • Jaydine Munsey
      May 29, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      To susendeep dutta:

      (I hope I'm replying in the right box. I am somewhat confused as to where I should be replying to all of everyone's suggestions.)

      As far as I know, I am not using any apps to access the gmail. I don't have any apps loaded up on the Google TV and very few on the Nexus 7 tablet. I sign in by either clicking on my gmail bookmark or by going to http://www.gmail.com. Up until about the first or second week in May, I was not having any trouble using either of these methods to load up my primary email address of lvndrldy.munsey@gmail.com. This was the ONLY address I had on both the tablet and Google TV. It was only when I could not no longer load that address onto the Google TV that I became desperate and opened up my catspajamas address. (Thank you for reminding me to calm down and breathe!!!) I did try to put the browser app you mentioned onto the Google TV, but it did not want to do that. I appreciate the time you took to provide an answer. Jaydine

    • susendeep dutta
      May 30, 2013 at 7:52 am

      Looking at your replies,you are clicking on right reply buttons.

      You might had tried to open the Firefox for Android link with the Google TV browser which is Chrome browser.

      If your TV has Play store or Android Market app,try to open it and search for Firefox.Then install it.

      After that try to access gmail using Firefox to see any improvements.

    • Jaydine Munsey
      May 30, 2013 at 12:16 pm

      I really appreciate you hanging in there with me, Susendeep dutta. I tried to install Firefox for Android, and my TV told me that it does not support that application. I am totally unhappy, as you may have guessed, with Google TB, but, unfortunately, I am stuck with it until I can save up for something else.


  5. Rajaa Chowdhury
    May 29, 2013 at 7:00 am


    There can be so many issues for which it can happen. I would highly recommend you to contact Google customer care for Google TV as they would be the best person to help you out. Link is https://support.google.com/googletv/answer/1713070?hl=en

    • Jaydine Munsey
      May 29, 2013 at 2:04 pm

      I was not aware of this link. I clicked on it, and it looks like I could check with Logitech Revue. Thank you for this information. I will try the Logitech Revue or call them as ha14 suggested.

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