Where have you seen the need to use personal macros on your computer or phone?

Anonymous July 15, 2013
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Where have you seen the need to use personal macros on your computer or phone? I like the idea of writing personalized macros to simplify my workflow, both on my phone (Android) and computer (Windows).

If you’re a ‘macro’ enthusiast also – please share what
– platform / op system / tool you’ve used to write macros
– the name of macro, and
– short description of what it does
– how much time and how ‘easy’ it was for you to write it

And how useful they’ve been in simplifying, increasing the productivity, or saving you time in the use of your device.

Also – are there any websites where people share the type of information above ?

Thanks in advance,

  1. Jan F
    July 16, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Not really macros but I had a unattended WinXP installation that would install all drivers and applications I need, a vbs script that would use wmic to set all service settings to my personal optimum (which was only 12 background services running on WinXP) and an INF setup file that would set all the configurations.

    The only time savers I use nowadays are stuff like Saved Sessions and Chrome Toolbox shortkeys to open bookmark folders.

    On my Mac have an email rule that uses an automator script to save email invoices to a folder as PDF.

    Other then that I don't really have much repetitive tasks ~ which is the primary use for macros or automation in my opinion.
    At least I don't feel like there are tasks where some macro or script would be less work, keystrokes or mouse clicks than I already do.

  2. Chris M
    July 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    The only time I have ever used macros was in the game Star Wars: Galaxies. the helped automate (somewhat) the crafting process.

    As far as using them in the real world, I never have.