What specs describe zoom and wide angle features in a webcam and are these features available?

Joseph Videtto December 29, 2012
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Are there any webcams available with a lens that allow zooming in and out, and controlling how wide an angle is captured, and what specs describe these features for comparison across webcams?

What webcam specifications allow me to compare how wide a picture the webcam will take at different distances? I always seem to need to move my webcam back from the source to fit the entire image I want in (usually in my office, where I don’t really have the option of ‘backing up’).

A webcam that allows the most versatility in zooming in and out, and adjustment of the wideness of the angle, would be ideal. Are there any relatively low-cost webcams with features like this, or do I need to spend the extra money for a camcorder? And can I use the camcorder with my PC as easily as I use the webcam?