What old civilization-like game had the player playing a witch doctor in control of a tribe?

Yo L July 23, 2013
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It is a civilizations type game based in ancient time i believe, like 500BC. You play as a witch doctor controlling a tribe. You fight other tribes and take their land ad money i believe. I remember there being some magic involved, you could summon fireballs from the sky. Other than that i cant really remember much. The characters were pretty small on the screen. The only clue or hint i have is i remember calling it Bull Frog for some reason. I’ve looked into that and can’t find anything. Pleeeaase, if you know what im talking about, help the little child in me find its gaming happiness once again =P

  1. Matt Smith
    July 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I believe you mean Populous. It was made by a developer called Bullfrog.