What is the best solar charger for a tablet?

Bill S September 2, 2013
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I’m going on a back-country camping trip for about a month. I want to take a tablet with me. Maybe an iPad 2 or a Kindle Fire. Which portable solar power product would charge one of these tablets the fastest?

Comments about how it’s not appropriate to use modern technology when camping will not be appreciated.

Thank you!

  1. Guy M
    September 3, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    The thing to consider is which charger will satisfy the specs of your tablet? If the voltage and amperage the unit puts out is too high, it can damage your battery and tablet. If the voltage and current is too low, it might never charge the battery. So you'll want to check your tablet's specs for that.

    Some chargers have an integral charge controller. Those would be ideal as they can help limit the current and voltage to what is appropriate for your device. They also stop charging the device once it is topped up. Most devices will do that on their own, but if the charger has the controller, that's an extra layer of protection should the device's charge controller fail.

    Beyond that, I'd have to ask you some questions to really find the best fit for you. How remote will you be camping? Is solar a must or could you use something like the BioLite Stove? What kind of pack space is available for your charger? Does it need to be weather proof? What's your budget?

    Answers to those questions will help others narrow your choices down.