What is the best dashcam app for iPhone?

Johnny March 15, 2015

I have a spare iPhone and I’d like to use it as a dashcam in my car. This is a two-part question:

1. What’s the best dashcam app for iPhone? It doesn’t matter if it’s paid or free. There are no definitive answers online, and I would like to get some recommendations from people who have actually used them. If possible, please list the pros and cons of the app you’ve used before or are currently using.

2. What issues/concerns will I need to look out for when using an iPhone as a dashcam?

  1. Philip Bates
    March 31, 2015 at 11:47 am

    There are a few potential issues with using your iPhone as a Dashcam. You can read a bit about them in this article: //www.makeuseof.com/tag/can-dashcams-stop-crash-for-cash-fraud/

    Essentially, battery power is a concern, as is its potential to overheat. But that latter one is a problem with dashcams in general - I'm not sure how big an issue it is on a smartphone.

    Aside from that, you're not supposed to be able to see the screen clearly when driving, as it's a distraction. That depends where you are, however. If you're in the UK, I'm pretty sure it's illegal. In America, it varies by state. Check that out here: https://www.ce.org/Consumer-Info/Car-Electronics/Got-It/State-Laws-for-Electronics-Use-in-the-Car.aspx ... So that may be a problem with using your iPhone.

    Nonetheless, dashcams are very popular, and can be picked up pretty cheap. I'd say if you're invested in the idea enough to consider an app, you're probably invested enough to buy a proper one. Hope that helps!

  2. Jackson
    March 20, 2015 at 3:56 am

    Has anyone tried CarCamApp? http://carcamapp.com/

  3. DalSan M
    March 16, 2015 at 3:41 am

    I would try out iOnRoad Lite to see if you like it, although not all features would be available; the lite version is only to see if you like the extra features that are not based on video recording before purchasing the Pro version. It is much more than just a run-of-the-mill dashcam as it incorporates several safety features, such as an indicator for the distance from an object in front of your vehicle with warning and alarm tones for impending danger, warning for driving off into another lane, speed indicator with speeding warning, turn-by-turn navigation, text message reader, car locator, and driving analysis. I tried it out when it was in beta and thought this app to be very interesting and helpful. As far as video recording, I haven't tried it, but this app would include extra information that may not be available with other apps.

    As far as legality of using this app, you would have to review local laws on what is permitted for use while driving. Even though iOnRoad is supposed to make driving much safer, it may not be permitted since many states do not allow video screens to be on and in use within the driver's field of view, and mounting a phone or other display on the windshield may not be permitted, as well. Again, laws are different in each area so you would have to make sure what is allowed.

    You need to have a sturdy mount for your phone since bumps, heat, freezing temperatures, and using a charger cord plugged into the phone may cause the mount or phone to fall or change position. The iOnRoad starts with a calibration feature to setup the phone properly for optimal results, so a mount that is adjustable is suggested.