What are the most popular apps used in schools?

Joe Videtto May 23, 2012

In my school, it seems the computers are often (but not always) used for ‘reward time’ for kids, not really helping students build foundational math or reading skills.

One could imagine using the computer and related technology to do much more; what categories do you see as most useful and widely used, and what particular apps in those categories?

Also – are there any dedicated IT or support people on staff either full or part-time, or is IT mostly a ‘you’re on your own’ kind of environment?

  1. Drew C
    May 30, 2012 at 5:19 am

    Personally, all I've ever used was Google Search. Well, that and Powerschool to check my grades daily. Definitely the two most useful apps. But for projects, Google Drive and other cloud services get that ten page paper to you instantly when you forgot it on your computer. I've also used translators, simple calculators, OpenOffice, Quick Office, Smart Tools, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... SPARKNOTES. Definitely the lifesaver for the day of the test you "forgot" to study for. A timer is useful for debates and speeches, BUMP is fun to use when meeting new people. I've also used WIN Remote for my windows laptop to use my phone as a touch screen mouse remote control. Pretty nifty. Auto CAD allows you to work on your CAD projects at any time. The Calender that comes with the phone is useful enough for me to keep organized. I use Bathroom Reader for my downtime, lol. Anything else has not been necessary at all through my time at school.

  2. Kyem Ghosh
    May 30, 2012 at 3:57 am

    in school level, first they should be taught about the whole computer (basics n common components like what is what etc.) for very small children, they should be allowed to play some good games like spider solitaire, miniclip games (get some from miniclip.com, get some puzzle games, shooting games to develop their concentration, but donot allow any fighting action or racing games cz they will make them too much addicted).. Then for the next level teach them the office application (Microsoft office recommended), start with word processor, make them type, then go for power point presentation. Continue this for atleast one or two levels such that they get a good idea on designing and will develop their creativity skills inbetween let them play with miniclips too. Leve excel and access for now. Then in the next level teach them MSdos, they will try going inside the computer... Next teach them excel and access (they should be atleast in grade 7 or it). Teach them to create database with excel and access. Then in he next level (grd 9), go for photoshop and macromedia flash(flash optional) and simple HTML. Then in the last two grades of school level, go with C and C++. For me, this is the best format or syllabus you can assign for computer practical and obviously there will be theory apart from this. This is how I learnt in school

    • Kyem Ghosh
      May 30, 2012 at 12:13 pm

      well I forgot about internet... Well internet should be implemented from grade 3 to 4, when they are very much used to operate a computer. But donot allow any1 to use social networks in the school premises or they will get to it throughout... Well go to the link, these are some educational sites. They provide unversity level education but have good stuffs for grade schools too.

      make them create documents from google docs , use clouds etc...

  3. JM
    May 25, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Not sure if this applies to all/other school but in ours we have two full time ict teachers and a technician. Junior pupils are taught basic Office programmes i.e. Word, Excel, Access etc. Also used are Photoshop (art), Audacity (languages) and Solidworks (technology). ICT is taught at gcse at a level which gives more theory. All subjects incorporate some aspect of computers e.g. creating posters, giving PowerPoint presentations.

  4. Joe Videtto
    May 24, 2012 at 10:20 am

    ...I'm realizing this question appeals to maybe a very narrow group on MUO - so any suggestions on other websites that would be a better place for this question would be greatly appreciated (I'm looking now - if and when I find them, I'll post my own research results here - just trying to save some research time by using your collective experiences).