The best ways to make your site the same in any resolution or browser?

3dy February 13, 2010
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I tried lots of tutorials, and my sites are still bad on different resolutions and browsers. What is the best way to make your site look the same? Use fluid layout? Use EMs? Use fixed layout?


  1. Taty
    February 25, 2010 at 4:47 am

    Hi 3dy
    That depends a lot on how you are building your site to begin with. If you are a little more specific as to why you are having problems, it would be easier to help. Do the tables misalign? Are the images distorting the page? Are the pages too large for certain resolutions or too small for others?
    You should be considering the proportion of the elements as well as the proportion of the tables, considering at least 2 resolutions. Test those tables on both resolutions and see how they behave. Consider the images you will use, especially for headers and footers and plan accordingly. If they are too large for the smaller resolution, size accordingly and select a table background to fill the rest of the cells for the larger resolutions.
    It also depends a lot on the longevity of the site. Sites that aren't meant to last long can probably do well on a static 1024 px wide anyway. If they are meant to last more than a year or two without re-designs, fluidity could be helpful.
    The truth is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict how a site would be seen, in a world of laptops, desktops, macro monitors, netbooks and mobiles, so the best you can do is have it work for most of them, but they will never work well for all of them.