In what ways can I earn points on MakeUseOf?

Aksh S January 2, 2014
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How can I earn points and how many points can I earn in a day?

  1. Anuj S
    January 4, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    If you feel too lazy about opening the link that Bruce gave , this is what it says.

    You’ll get a few points just for registering, and more as you perform various actions on the MakeUseOf website.

    Following MakeUseOf: You’ll receive 50 points for following us on Facebook or Twitter. You can receive these points by using the Follow button in the main Rewards interface.
    Subscribe to our newsletter: Signing up for the MakeUseOf newsletter is an easy way to net 250 points.
    Invites: Click the Invite Friends button to generate an invite link. Friends who click it will earn you 1 point, and you’ll gain 9 points if they join.

    rewardsfollow Earn Rewards With Your MakeUseOf Account
    Sharing Articles: Get 10 points for sharing MakeUseOf articles with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on using the social sharing buttons on the pages.
    There is a daily limit on how many of each action you can get points for.