Is there a way to use Google Earth/Maps offline, or similar alternative software?

Reese G April 30, 2014
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I need a something along the lines of Google Earth, except I want to save a chunk of it (the size of a county) to my computer for offline use. It doesn’t have to actually be Google Earth, just a map application that can be edited with points and names, and the ability to zoom in and out.

Thanks guys.

  1. Rajaa C
    April 30, 2014 at 2:26 am

    There are ways to use Google Earth Offline.

    1. Cache for Google Earth

    Cache for Google Earth is a utility that allows Google Earth to be used while working offline. Google Earth does offer a built in cache that can be used for offline use, but the cache's contents can be a little bit unpredictable to say the least. This utility allows you to save the cache contents while they are in a predictable state and then retrieve them for later use.

    This utility will likely be useful to those who use Google Earth outside of their office. For example, someone built a drone that can be GPS controlled. The drone's position is tracked through a specialized interface that uses Google Earth maps. The problem is that when the person is in the field, there is often no Wi-Fi link available for downloading Google Earth imagery. For this type of application, Cache for Google Earth could potentially be used to make the imagery portable.

    Cache for Google Earth sells for $19.00, but a free trial is available for download.


    3. Google Earth Full PDF Manual (open it and in find box type offline) :

    4. Read the forum links :!topic/earth/sSOZLWRSepE