How to use Mail Merge with docs stored on a SharePoint location?

Gustavo I August 29, 2014
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Hi all!

At work we have to create employment contracts for new hires. Currently each team member has a copy of 7 different contracts in Word, and 2 different databases in Excel that we use to store all of the new hire info. Then use the mail merge feature in Word to create the individual employment contracts.

We keep the “master” files on a SharePoint site but we can’t run the Mail Merge from SharePoint out of the box. I found this hack and applied it to all 7 Word documents, but it only works with a few documents and not all.

I know I can store the Excel file in my laptop set the mail merge to my stored file, share the file with the team and they can edit the Excel file and run the mail merge. However this has some drawbacks and limitations; the main two being that the Excel file can’t be edited simultaneously and my laptop has to be on and connected to the network.

The question is simple, do you know of any way to make Mail Merge work with docs stored on a SharePoint location, or any other tool that might accomplish this?