How do I upload photos from my Olympus Tough to Facebook?

Anonymous December 26, 2013

How do I upload photos from my Olympus Tough to Facebook? And also videos. Thank you!

  1. Dalsan M
    December 27, 2013 at 3:20 am

    The bigger part of transferring your photos and videos from your camera to Facebook would be the method used for transferring the photos and videos to your computer. If you know how to do this, please ignore these next steps and skip to the part for uploading the pictures and videos to your Facebook account.

    Your camera should have come with a USB cable that connects your camera to the computer. Plug the cable to the computer, then to your camera, and then turn on your camera. Let the computer recognize and download the drivers for your camera, which may take a few minutes. Once finished, a pop-up window should show asking what you would like to do; select either Import photos and videos, or select Browse contents. When importing or browsing the contents of the camera/SD card, choose a location that you can easily access and remember so that you can locate the pictures when you are going to upload them to Facebook. If you chose to browse the contents of the camera/SD card, select the pictures you want by clicking on the pictures (to select more than one, you have to press and hold the Ctrl button while clicking on each of the pictures, or if the selection will be in an uninterrupted sequence, click on the first picture you want, then press and hold the Shift button while clicking on the last picture you want. Otherwise, to select all of the pictures, just press the Ctrl button and the A button on the keyboard at the same time.) Right-click on the selection of pictures and/or videos, then select copy. Go to the folder of your choice, likely to be the Picture folder (if you want to create a new folder, right-click on a white area of the Explorer window and select Create New and click on Folder. Enter a name for the folder of your choosing), right-click on the folder you want or open the folder you want the pictures to be placed into, then select Paste. Depending on the size and amount of pictures and/or videos, this may take a while. Remember the location for these pictures as you would need to know where they are when you are going to upload the pictures to Facebook.

    Alternatively, if your computer has an SD card reader built in, or if you have an external SD card reader, place your SD card into the reader and connect it to the computer (if applicable). Once the computer recognizes the SD card, it should show the pop-up window to select what you want to do with the contents of the SD card. From here, perform the steps mentioned above for transferring your pictures to the computer.

    Once the pictures and/or videos are on the computer and in a location that you can remember, go to Facebook in your browser. Once in your Facebook account, click on your username to view your Timeline. On the right-hand side, there should be an option to click on in order to create a new album for pictures. Click on Create a new album, and a pop-up window will appear to locate and upload the pictures that you want. Locate the pictures, and if you want to easily select all of the pictures, click on one of the pictures, and then press the Ctrl key and the A key on the keyboard. This will select all of the pictures in the folder to upload. If you do not want to upload all of the pictures, you can press and hold the Ctrl button while clicking on all of the photos that you want uploaded. If you want to select multiple pictures that are in sequence, click on the first picture you want to upload in the list, then scroll down to the last picture in the series that you want to upload and press and hold the Shift key while clicking on the last picture you want uploaded. Once you select the pictures you want uploaded, click on the Open or Upload button near the bottom of the window, near the Cancel button. This will start uploading the pictures into a new album into your Facebook account. While uploading, you can create a title for the album, list a description of the album, caption each picture, tag friends, place a location for each picture, etc. Once it is done uploading, scroll down to the bottom of the list of pictures on the page, and click on Post (Album, photos, or whichever it says). The next page will ask if you want to tag friends, in which you can if you want, or click on Skip tagging near the bottom of the page. You can then edit the album, add more pictures, delete pictures, and select a picture you wish to use as the album cover. You would then be completed with the process of uploading the pictures.

    For videos, you can view your Timeline by clicking on your username, then click on Upload Video. The process will be similar to uploading photos, but you may not be able to create an album for the videos (at least, I have not seen the option to). When uploading the videos, it may take a long period of time before the upload finishes. This depends on the size of the video as far as megabytes (MB), kilobytes (KB), or gigabytes (GB), and the upload speed of your internet service provider. A large video file size may take over half an hour to an hour, a smaller video size may take a few minutes.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Good luck.

  2. Hovsep A
    December 26, 2013 at 8:36 am

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