Can I upgrade my HP Pavillion a6110n to a quad core processor?

James March 9, 2010
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Can I upgrade my computer to a quad core processor?
I want to upgrade my processor to about a 3.0 quad core. I have been searching around and I don’t think my bios will let me. I included specs below. If you want more detailed info email me.

I have an Hp pavillion a6110n pc running 32bit vista. My motherboard is a ASUStek model: NARRA2. My bios are Phoenix Technologies, LTD Version: 5.10. It has an AMD athlon 64×2 4400+ dualcore processor, with 4096 Mbytes of ram, a nvidia 9800 Gt video card, and 550 watt power system. You can find more information here ( I have upgraded ram, video, and power already.

  1. pceasies
    June 23, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    The current installed processor is an AMD socket AM2. There are no quad core socket AM2 processors currently available. It might be time to get a AM3 DDR2 motherboard and a new Quad core AMD (around $100 for the Propus)

  2. Anonymous
    March 9, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    The system will not take a quad core processor. Sorry you would need another mother board.