How can I uninstall Fedora 11 in Linux?

Vijay September 15, 2010

I have recently installed Fedora 11 on my Dell laptop, which already had Windows 7 Home Basic genuine version. Now I find some of my disk space (around 28 GB) not showing anywhere even after 25 GB is taken by Fedora. Please help!

  1. Anonymous
    September 16, 2010 at 11:24 am

    First of all, boot up from Windows Installation CD and select repair. Execute Fixmbr command at repair prompt. It will remove GRUB and Windows OS will boot up by default on reboot.

    Type diskmgmt.msc in RUN dialog box. Partition Management Tool window will pop up. All partitions marked as Unknown are Fedora partitions. Delete those or do whatever you want.

    Aborting Linux Installation Causes Windows Partition Loss in Dual-boot System

    How to uninstall Fedora
    This situation is easy to fix:

    1.Back up your data as shown above, if necessary.
    2.Shut down your Fedora system.
    3.Boot from your Windows installation disc, which should have been provided with your system manufacturer. Sometimes this disc is called a "system restore disc." If you do not have such a disc, you may need to contact your system's manufacturer.
    4.Follow the instructions for system restoration that were provided with your system. If you did not receive these in printed form, you may find them on the system restore disc. If not, visit the manufacturer's web site.
    Some system restoration media, like a Windows installation disc, gives you choices for partitioning your hard disk. If you are presented with any choices for disk partitioning during the restoration or Windows installation process:

    1.Remove all existing partitions.
    2.Make a single partition taking up the full size of your hard disk
    3.Install Windows on the new, single partition.
    Often when you use a manufacturer's system restoration disc, the restoration process handles this procedure for you