How can a traveling school team set up cheap video broadcasting to their home town?

Dan Cook March 21, 2011
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I have a problem that you folks maybe able to help with. My daughter’s school has no way to send live video of sports games or anything else back to our town (Skagway,AK). Our school teams travel great distances to play other teams. For example from Skagway to Anchorage is about 1,200 miles and in the winter, it’s 40 below, so driving is somewhat precarious to say the least. On the other end is Ketchikan and the kids go by ferry (3 days) or fly.The opportunity for parents to go is somewhat limited.

I would like to present the school board options for an inexpensive (read: cheap) way to send live video back to Skagway. Bandwidth here is expensive (4M down/40G month/$135.00/$5.00G over limit).

Our school has a server, video cams, mainly Macs and some Windows computers, but no Linux. I am about the only one in town that uses Linux.There are a lot of schools in the state (Alaska) that are in the same boat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Anonymous
    March 22, 2011 at 5:28 pm allows you to boradcast live video over the internet. I'm slightly confused as to why Ustream video doesn't work though. Do you have internet connection at the game and at home?

  2. Tina
    March 21, 2011 at 4:41 pm


    if you want to do cheap live broadcasting, you need an internet connection. From there it's pretty simple to set up, however, the quality of the stream will probably not be good.

    A free option for video streaming is Ustream. All the team would need is a computer with internet connection, a camera and a mic attached to it, and a channel on Ustream. The parents at home could watch the team on their computer. This is a very low tech option and I'm sure there are better ones.

    Did you try to get in touch with any of the local TV stations? Maybe they could help you out with professional equipment and a way to send the live stream back home. For example in exchange for advertising on the team outfits etc. The least they could do is provide their expertise in obtaining the equipment and setting it up. I'm sure they would do that for free if you let them film the process for a little report on the local news. Just some ideas.

    • Dan Cook
      March 21, 2011 at 5:11 pm

      Thank you for the reply.Ustream is used,but during the March Madness in Anchorage this year,what we saw was a mostly static results(up dated every 60sec).As for TV,there is none.Parents who were able to make it to the game,used their cell phones to call the game for us via KHNS raido,a very small,non profit station.Any TV would come from Juneau,AK(100 miles away) and we don't get the signal or Dish Network. I am also looking into as a possibility. Thank you again for your response.