How can I translate ConkyForecast variables in Linux into Catalan language?

Alfons December 28, 2010
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I’m tweaking a Conky script. I’ve done everything I would like to do, but I miss how to translate the ConkyForecast variables as the name of each moon phase, barometer tendency etc. into my mother tongue: Catalan.

I reach to translate it only in Spanish by adding “–locale=ES” to the following line: ${execpi 1800 conkyForecast –location=[SPXX0015] –locale=ES –metrespersecond –template=~/conky_fases_lunars/.bin/conkyForecast.template}

By default the original translation is in English.
Does anyone know how I can do it? Thanks in advance!

  1. GustavoSG
    December 30, 2010 at 3:05 am

    -L LOCALE, --locale=LOCALE
    override the system locale for language output
    (bg=bulgarian, cs=czech, de=german, es=spanish,
    en=english, es=spanish, fj=fijian, fr=french,
    it=italian, nl=dutch, pl=polish, ro=romanian,
    sk=slovak, more to come)