How can I transfer and read electronic books purchased for Sony Reader on the iPad?

Gary December 31, 2010

Perhaps this question has been asked a million times before. How do I get the electronic books that I purchased for my Sony Reader readable in my iPad? Please help!

  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2011 at 10:30 am

    You would need to load them into iTunes, ideally and if you wished to read them in iBooks, you'd have to make sure they were either in epub format or convert them to that format. Goodreader reads more format types but you can also use others such as iBooks

    If you bought them from the Sony store, they have DRM and you won't be able to use them without stripping the DRM. If you downloaded them from sites like Smashwords, Gutenberg, Manybooks, etc, they do not have DRM and only need to be in epub format to use in iBooks.

    Step 1 Open iTunes and put your eBooks in iTunes Books Library

    After launching iTunes on your PC, iTunes will automatically detect your local ePub eBooks and display some of which in Books Library. To add the eBooks in Book Library manually, you can choose File> Add File to Library... or File > Add Folder to Library... to add local ePub eBooks or folder (must containing ePub eBooks) to iTunes Book Library. Also you can drag and drop local ePub files directly into the iTunes Books Library. After put eBooks in iTunes Book Library, you can easily customize the book cover and some other information before transferring to your iPad.

    Step 2 Connect your iPad to your PC
    Use USB cable to connect your iPad to your PC. And in iTunes, you can see your iPad in the source list under Devices.

    Step 3 Sync eBooks to your iPad

    Click on your iPad in the source list under Devices. Then click the Books tab at the top of the window. Here you can choose whether to sync all books or selected books. If you choose All books, all the books in the Books Library would sync to your iPad. And here we choose Selected books, and choose the special book for syncing. Then click Apply button, you can have your selected eBooks successfully synced onto your iPad.

    • RC
      September 6, 2011 at 2:05 am

      how do I strip the DRM from the sony ereader books so that I'll be able to thenĀ get them into the ipad?