How do I transfer audio from Android to Macintosh?

Becca Raymond October 14, 2014

I recorded a 50 minute conference call using the Smart Voice Recorder app via my Android phone. I have a Macintosh work computer and needed to transfer audio from Android to Mac.

Is there a way to upload it to my Mac work computer?

  1. Jan F.
    October 14, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    In theory all you have to do is connect your Android phone to your Mac via the USB cable. If you are asked to, select file transfer mode.
    You should then see your Android phone (like a USB drive or external disk) on your Desktop and open it. There should be a folder called "SmartVoiceRecorder" (according to their support forum) with your recording in it.

    In some cases you have to enable USB debugging mode to access your Android device:
    (Android 4.2+) On your phone, open up System Settings > About phone, scroll down until you see "Build number", tap it 7 times. Now go back and scroll down again, you should see the "Developer Options" and in there enable the USB debugging.
    (older Android) Open up the System Settings > Applications, scroll down and select "Development", enable USB debugging.