Can I keep track of my Facebook chat history using Digsby?

hristos January 5, 2011
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Can I use Digsby in order to keep record and view Facebook chat history?

  1. Anonymous
    January 6, 2011 at 9:26 am

    This is again a very useful all-in-one app that helps you stay up to date with everything happening on your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and other online accounts.

    If you have multiple accounts on Facebook (like you and your spouse), you can associate all of them with your Disgsby messenger and chat with the combined buddy list simultaneously. Facebook doesn’t allow audio or video calls but Digsby indirectly brings that feature to Facebook Chat via tokbox.

    Digsby will also display notifications like when a friends sends you a message using Facebook email or if he or she writes something on your Facebook wall.

    you can log chat history in digsby and search for any chat log through the search-enabled log viewer.Digsby stores all of your chat logs.

    1)Double click a friend’s name and the chat window opens. A two inches from E-mail icon, you can see a dropdown list. Click the dropdown list and click view past chats

    2)Select the account of which you want to peep the chat history, then choose the recipient, then the date and you’re done! But you can see the chat history of only those chats had in Digsby.
    It's a free service. Once you install the plugin with one of those messengers, all your chat logs are saved and you can search it through the web interface.
    Supports also Digsby

    Dropbox Folder Sync
    to sync Digsby chat history with Dropbox. and simply open it manually if I need to search for somethig.

    Chit Chat for Facebook

    How To Save Your Complete Facebook Chat History

    How to Delete Chat History on Digsby

    1.Go to "My Documents," or "Documents" in Vista.

    Locate the folder named "Digsby Logs."

    Click on the folder with the name of your messaging client (AOL, Yahoo!, MSN).

    Delete the entire contents of the folder, if you want to clear all your chat history. If you only want to delete a specific conversation, find the user's name and select the conversation by date. Delete the contents of that folder.