Why does Thunderbird not download email from a second Comcast email identity?

Thom Carpenter May 20, 2011
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your article about multiple identities in Thunderbird How To Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3 For Multiple Email Accounts How To Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3 For Multiple Email Accounts Read More encouraged me to ask my question. Since you are well versed about this Thunderbird 3.1 subject I need some further help.

I created my spouses primary email account as “hername@comcast.net”. Since I want for TBird to work for her just as her old Outlook Express program worked, I created an identity under her primary account as “her2ndname@comcast.net”. One account on Comcast is for her private email, the 2nd is for her professional mail – note that comcast.net is our ISP for both ‘accounts’. When she logs into either ‘account’ on comcast.net she sees email ready to be downloaded and brought into TBird. When she brings up TBird however, only mail for her TBird (personal) account comes down. The mail for her Identity under that account doesn’t.

What have I missed or messed up in building her Account/Identity relationship in TBird that prevents all email from both ‘accounts’ on comcast.net to be downloaded into TBird?

Thanks in advance for your help. I really look forward to your reply!

  1. Tina
    May 21, 2011 at 3:00 am


    how did you set up Thunderbird? Did you set it up with both identities as separate accounts?

    • Thom
      May 22, 2011 at 1:32 pm

       Thanks for answering. Tina.
      Once I found the right tutorial it became obvious that TBird isn't like OE in that identities in Tbird are simply a method for selecting a "from" name from a multiple of names; and, that to extract mail from an internet host, each of our email "identities" must be their own ACCOUNT. I fixed my problem last night.
      Have a great day - it's gonna rain and blow here this after...

      • Tina
        May 22, 2011 at 4:28 pm

        Thanks for the feedback and hope you'll work it out. :)