Why has my table been flipped from left to right in Word?

Anonymous January 14, 2014
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Why does my Table Move Handle in Microsoft Word stay on the right corner instead of left

I recently worked on a word file between Mac, Windows and Google Docs. After finishing it, I saved it as usual. Later, when I open that file in Microsoft Word I found something was wrong. The left column moved to the rightmost one and each column seems to reverse itself accordingly (flip horizontally while text orientation is not affected). What I found that shocked me the most is the Table Move Handle (+) is no longer in the left top corner of the table but instead stay at the right top corner and I just couldn’t find a way around to reverse it back. My temporary solution is to copy the who table to Excel and it reorder similar to the original file. However, there are still some merges here and there.

Has anyone experienced this before and what is your fix?
Thanks before hand for sharing your fix.

  1. Oron J
    January 14, 2014 at 10:40 am

    It sounds like your document (or at least the table), has been turned into right-to-left paragraph. Many word processors have this feature, which is intended for writing in right-to-left writing systems such as Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. The text is still logically in the right order, but everything is drawn from right to left.

    The details of how to change it vary from one version of Word to another, but in Word 2007-2013 the easiest way to do it is to customise the ribbon by adding a "left-to-right paragraph" button, selecting the table and clicking on the button. For details, see paragraphs 3-4 in http://superuser.com/questions/509520/how-to-switch-writing-direction-ltr-rtl-in-word-2007.