What is a .table file used in ‘My Timetables’ for Android?

Mark November 3, 2010

What is a .table file? It is used by My Timetables for Android. What editor do I need to open it with?

  1. Anonymous
    November 10, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    HiA .table file is an exported table. It contains the name of the table and a list of times in minutes since midnight. It can be used to backup the tables because they are stored in a database. At startup, My Timetables checks for .table files in the folder /sdcard/Android/data/nl.qrk.mytimetables/files/import and stores them into the database.this is only useful during mytables upgrade.
    it's just a plain text file, so you can open it with every text editor you want. On your phone and on a pc.