How can I sync my iPod with my computer and can I have multiple folders on my iPod Shuffle?

dandu rajeev August 17, 2011
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I have an iPod and I read the five steps to sync your iPod How To: Move Music from iPod to PC in 5 Easy Steps Read More article and I tried what he has told.

In music folder I have again 3 folders named f01, f02, f03. And these folders have songs. Now if I have to sync in other computer, should I copy all three folders into my hard disk or only songs present in those folders?

And another question regarding iPod Shuffle 3G is, can I have multiple folders in my iPod? If yes, how to put them and how to open those folders in my iPod?

  1. Mike
    August 17, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    The folders f01, f02 are automatically created by the iPod.
    If you want to copy all your music to the other computer you will have to copy all those folders. However files are using cryptic names in there so you won't really be happy with the results.

    The better alternative method which also allows you to copy individual songs is to use some software like Pod to PC.

    You cannot create folders on your device manually. This is not how iOS works. Like iTunes the iPod only allows you to create Playlists. The folders you mentioned before (f01,f02,...) are created automatically and you can neither change this nor influence what music goes into which folder on the device ~ they are "off limits" for manual changes.