How can I stream videos, watch video attached to eMails and online TV?

Shirley WilsonMoores January 23, 2011
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I am ill and want to watch TV online. Whenever I try it keeps stopping. I have a poor internet connection (a dongle with 02). Is there anything I can do. I’m on Windows 7. I also have some eMails with video attachments I cannot watch either.

    January 26, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Sorry, I forgot about the second part of your question with regards to attachments you ca not see. If you can not see an attachment, it usually means that you do not have the appropriate codecs, you do not have a program to read them, or it might be that you have a program to open them but it is not set up. What kind of attachments are you talking about?

    Depending on you internet provider and also on your email configuration there are going to be attachments that you can not open. Attachments with extensions like .rar, vbs, sometimes .zip, .exe, etc you will not be able to open because they are either blocked by provider or not set up to be open with you email configuration.

    Before opening any email attachment examine the file extension. The file extension is a period followed by a two, three, or four letter after the file name. The file extension will tell you what type of file the attachment is.

    Common email attachment file extensions:

    .doc – Microsoft Word document.
    .exe – Do not open them .exe files are usually viruses
    .pps – Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
    .ppt - Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
    .scr – Windows Screen Saver. When attached to emails, .scr files are usually viruses
    .bat – Batch file. Do not open them unless sent by person you know or you asked for it.
    .vbs – A Visual Basic script, probably not a virus but reported as such because vbs files usually make changes to system if run.
    .xls – Microsoft Excel document. Some Excel documents can contain macro viruses.
    .zip – A compressed folder. Compressed folders can be downloaded and opened fairly safely, even if they contain viruses. Usually, any viruses inside the folder
    will not infect your computer unless you extract the contents of the folder or open
    the files inside the folder. If you receive a .zip folder attached to an email, don’t
    open it unless you know the sender.
    .rar - compressed files
    .wmv - windows media video. Played by default by windows media player
    .wma - windows media audio
    .gif - picture file with movement
    .jpg, jpeg - common picture file
    .mpg, mpeg - movie file. Played by windows media player by default.
    .mp3 - Compressed audio file commonly used for music. Played by windows media player by default.
    .wav - music in uncompress format. Played by Windows media player.
    .avi - video/audio file
    .txt - text documents. Opens with notepad, wordpad
    .wpd - opens with Office suite
    .pdf - portable document format. Can be open with foxit pdf
    .tif - graphic file
    .mov - quicktime movie file. You need quickplayer to play it.
    .swf - flash file
    .bmp - graphic file
    .fla - flash animation file

    Hope that helps,

    January 26, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    It would be good to know if you are using specialized software like Boxee to stream tv or just doing it through your browser.

    To get a better understanding of your situation, it would be good to know what your speed is. I figure if you are using a dongle, that means you are using wireless. Is it possible for you to try using an ethernet cable? To find out your speed you can go to this site and test the speed.

    From first impressions I figure that if you play with your buffering maybe you can improve your streaming without it cutting off. Once you find out your speed on the link above let us know to have a better idea of possible solutions.

    One possible solution for you would be to get a capture card and connect your cable to it. One disadvantage of this method is that if you are far from your tv/cable you would have to run a cable wire.

    For streaming purposes can you go to the following link and download the free software there. Depending where you are you can stream a lot of channels with it without the need of any wiring and you can do it for free. With this software you can also add pluggins for other services like hulu, netflix, etc. Of course, if the services you add are not free you would have to pay to get the service. If you want to give your tv streaming more selection, you can even buy the hardware that uses this software. -----free software -- hardware