How do I stop Life Line from charging despite canceling?

Elaine Perez October 13, 2014

How do I stop Life Line from continually charging me after canceling their service?

I no longer have Life Line and they are still deducting $5.00 from my account every month. How do I get them to stop?

Are there any websites that let me report them for this?

  1. Jan F.
    October 13, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    I would suggest to contact their support first. Since you cancelled your account it either is an accounting error or you might have to fulfill a certain contractual binding despite no longer using the service.

    Second to that you could request a block on their transactions but I would wait with that until you checked in with them. If you are still in some binding agreement preventing them from withdrawal could end up costing you even more.