Start up programs discrepencies reported by msconfig and msinfo32

Garry February 3, 2010
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As an Broadband Installer for Optus Cable Modem I always check out the info supplied by MSconfig and then compare it to to Sytem Information ( Msinfo32) .

Often there are major differences reported by the two programs, especially under the startup TAB . Usually the MSCONfig may show up to a dozen programs on startup but under the Sytem information Start up tab there may any where over 600 programs.

I have tried a lot of Registry fixer programs but none of them will fix the System information (msinfo32) as a consequence mine and my customers XP system are slow.

Does anybody known off a fix? That is without reformatting the Hard Disc.

  1. Jack Cola
    February 25, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Make sure you are not being confused between "Startup" and "Services"

    If you have over 600 programs, these are most likely to be services. These are important to have your computer running smoothly (in some cases not at all if they a viruses)

    Services include running your audio, video, device drivers, hotkeys, networking and heaps others. That is probably why your lists are so different.

    Turning off your startup programs won't upset your computer, although some programs may not work. But if you disable services, you will find you want have an audio, your video will be crap and you wouldnt be able to access the internet.

    Hope this helps