Which speakers are better: Logitech S220 or Dell AY410?

Tilman March 29, 2011
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I have a choice between the speakers Logitech S220 and Dell AY410. Which speakers are better?

One is about 26 Euros and the other a few Euros more, but the price does not affect my decision! I need to decide as soon as possible which speakers I buy, so I hope to get some recommendations very quickly :)

Please note, though, that no other models are offered, so I can choose just among these two models. Either I take one of the two, or I don’t take any speakers! The facts about the speakers can be found from the links above. Can you help me to decide which ones to take? Thanks in advance!

  1. Anonymous
    March 30, 2011 at 2:44 pm


    Minimum of good quality
    -Approximately 5 watts RMS of power.
    -A response frequency of 80 Hz or lower, to 18 KHz or higher

    The efficiency of a loudspeaker depends on its size and rated power. A speaker rated at 100 Watts RMS will be less efficient at converting power into sound than a speaker rated at 50 Watts RMS.
    So, if you have an amplifier which produces a maximum output power of 30 Watts RMS, will you get higher sound volume from the 50 Watt speaker or the 100 Watt speaker?

    You'll get higher volume from the 50 Watt speaker because it is more efficient than the 100 Watt speaker. The 100 Watt speaker is designed to handle 100 Watts and will be of more robust construction than the 50 Watt speaker. It will waste more of the input power as heat.

    So, for reliability, it's a good idea to buy a speaker of the same or slightly higher RMS rating than the amplifier needs. It's better to match the speakers and amplifier.

    If you have a 100 Watt amplifier, you'll usually get more volume by sharing the power among four 30 Watt speakers than by two 50/60 Watt speakers or one 100 Watt speaker.

    is the Watt RMS to be taken into account. This unit measures quality, diameter and number of speakers. Usually from 10 to 70 Watts RMS.

    For example, an amplifier rated at 100 watts RMS at 12 volts can produce considerably more power than an amp rated at 100 watts RMS at the more typical 14.4 volts.