How can I get Shareaza to recognize my only eMail address after a drive crash?

Nigel Watson December 23, 2010

I have 23 GB of partial downloads and over 9,000 files in my P2P queue. I must sign on to my original account or I lose it all and have to start over. I had to sign on as new user and have now left two messages with Support. Lenovo, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8. I’m getting a little desperate since I’ve been locked out about two weeks now. Thanks for any help you can render. NjW

  1. Anonymous
    February 5, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Each partial file belongs to one of your downloads in downloads list. Each partial is coupled with a .sd file which describes the download. Open .sd file in notepad to see what it is.

    Move the Downloads and Incomplete folders to a new folder. (Cut and paste)
    * Uninstall Shareaza.
    * Delete the Shareaza install folder and delete the hidden folder in
    C:Documents and Settings*yourusername*Local SettingsApplication
    ( %appdata%Shareaza )
    * Delete all Shareaza settings that might still be inside the registry of your computer
    START >> Run >> type “regedit” (without the “”s)
    Navigate to:
    and delete everything you can find inside this tree folder.
    * Use a registry cleaner such as CCleaner to get rid of registry junk that might still be
    * Reboot
    * Download Shareaza and install it.
    * Start Shareaza and run the wizard as normal. Use the install guide provided in the
    section above.
    * Move the Downloads and Incomplete folders back to the respective locations that
    have been set in the Shareaza settings.
    * Restart Shareaza.

    your settings again to indicate the directory downloads in progress, the directory that you copied to the top Once you close your software you should see your downloads in the current list of your files.