How to setup WebUI for µTorrent 2.2?

oijko November 6, 2011

Do I need to install anything?

I wrote a username and a password to µTorrent webUI on its preferences and tried accessing it from and nothing.

I also tried http://myip:myutorrentport/gui/ and it didn’t show me anything.

And about a file called, where exactly am I supposed to put it? I am using Windows Vista.

    November 6, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Hello, you can start by reading the instructions about how to setup/configure from utorrent itself.  All the answers to your questions are shown there:

    The should be put in the following path.  If for some reason you can not see that folder, it might be hidden.  You would have to go into folder configuration and unhide it.


    Best thing to do would be to take the username and password off the configuration and set it with only the path you used.  Once that is working properly and you can access your webui configuration, you can set a username/password.

    If after trying everything, it does not work you can go to the community pages to ask for help or check if there is/are any postings similar to yours: