Can you help me setting up automatic scoring of a survey set up in MS Excel?

Dushen Naidoo February 21, 2012
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Hi All.

I would like your assistance.

I am creating a survey marking sheet and have array of different questions. I would like to have this done on MS Excel, however I am having difficulties with the formulas.

Column A consists of the question and column B is the scoring.
Within column B I would list a drop down list, which I am able to choose from 4 different options, i.e. Yes; No; Rated and N/A, however these respective text cells should be allocated to a score, i.e: if I select Yes it should score 5; if I select No, it should score 0, rated should score 2.5 and N/A should not score at all.

There are 15 questions, and from the above scoring it should automatically work out a percentage at the end.

I am able to work the formula’s separate, but I am having difficulty culminating it with the drop down list.

Please assist.

  1. Karkala Nayak
    February 22, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Hello Dushen, 
    You can also check out this link.. to help you understand the concept 

    AND on this website(link is provided below) There is a Creating Dropdown list input cells...subheading.. It has explained how to make a Dropdown list
    check out here click on the link below 

    Other sites to help you 

    I hope it helped

  2. Susendeep Dutta
    February 22, 2012 at 7:19 am

    You can get to know all the required tips for creating a survey in the link below -