What is a Set Top Box, how does it work, and how good is it compared to other technologies?

Ravi August 29, 2011

What is a Set Top Box and how it receives more TV Channels? How good is it compared to DTH connections? Which one is better, a cable TV Connection with Set Top box or a DTH like Airtel/Tata SKY ?

  1. AkashD
    August 29, 2011 at 10:19 pm

          A Set-top-box is basically a device that generally contains a tuner and connects to a television and an external source of signal, turning the signal into content which is then displayed on the television.

          Well, to answer how good it is.. I'd rather prefer a DTH over a cable-TV set-top-box combination. As there are many aspects of it.. few to list are:

    1) You need to find out the quality of your local cable operator.
        If you find it impressive, go for it.. but also remember to check the quality & channels you get Vs the price. Moreover, do check whether he provides undisturbed service

    2) Also depends upon the size of TV you are going to view in.
        For example, first, let's consider you'll be watching on a regular 21" screen LCD/CRT, any TV. Here, size won't matter go in for any of those.
        But, say if you'll be watching in 58" or greater LCD TV.. here I would suggest you to go in for some HD DTH services. (Coz.. a regular DTH won't suffice and would cause some blur.)

    3) Its quite cumbersome.
        There always have been complaints regarding their service/quality/swapping of channels/etc. The reason why DTH evolved. You always have to get back to them sometime or other.. to get one of your favourite channel or to get the quality fixed.

         I would suggest you to go in for DTH service like TATA Sky+, Airtel, etc and ensure peace of mind. Moreover some set-top-boxes even provide recording capabilities.

         If you can expand your budget and already have some decent LCD mounted somewhere in you place.. you can then go in for Tata Sky HD (recommended), Airtel HD, etc to get amazing HD sound n picture quality. Most of these providers offer various channel packages to fit in your budget and TataSky even offers you to make your own package and lot more.

         So, the suggestion is to look around your locality (as which operators your neighbours are happy with) and then choose your DTH operator wisely based on your needs.