How can I set up a home network between a Windows Vista and a Windows XP computer?

Bushidojoe October 20, 2010

I am trying to set up a home network between a Windows Vista machine and a Windows XP machine using a wireless router, but they won’t connect.

I think the XP machine, which is old but kept up to date, has a problem. Where should I look? I spent hours with Belkin tech support to no avail.

  1. Aibek
    October 22, 2010 at 10:21 am

    Are you sure you're taking the right steps to setup the network? You might want to check out MakeUseOf's guide to networks as well.

    [Broken Link Removed]

  2. Anonymous
    October 21, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    HiCheck with the manufacturer to see if the latest driver is installed for your Network card.Network Map uses a discovery protocol called Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) in order to query the other devices on the network to determine how the network is organized. Computers that are running Windows Vista include the software components that implement the LLTD protocol. For network computers that are running Windows XP to appear on the map, they must have a discovery protocol enabled that can respond to the mapping computer’s requests. try on xp WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-ENU.exe [Broken Link Removed]

    So restart your XP PC after the installation is done. Now on your computer running Vista, open the Network item from the Start menu. If your XP computer doesn’t show up, have no fear. Enter \your-xp-ip-address in the address bar and hit enter. If you need help figuring out the IP address your XP computer is using,1.Click the Start button, and select Run. In the space provided, enter cmd and click OK. 2.At the command line, enter ipconfig /all. Your address will be displayed as the Physical Address and your IP address will be displayed as the IP Address.try Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool [Broken Link Removed]

    Troubleshoot problems finding wireless networks [Broken Link Removed]