What happens to SEO placements if someone changes the physical address of their office?

Paul November 30, 2011

My boss is physically moving his office 10 miles away and his SEO company is telling him his SEO placements (don’t know exact terminology, sorry) will have to start over. And he cannot use another lawyer’s address? Any help would be appreciated.

  1. william roberts
    December 7, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    I have yet to meet an honest SEO (and I've met plenty).  No time to detail the confidence tricks they use here.  An office move might imply a change in local listings, i.e. they no longer appear in local for old address but will do in new (not immediately but as long as Google are advised, usually quick), however a 10 mile move is less likely to have that effect.

    If they use Google Places and/or a location map on the web site that needs updating (possibly the SEO made the Google places entry). 

    If they have an adwords compaign, that may include location details and need updating (and again if the SEO runs the adwords it's their task).

    I guess it's possible the SEO submitted details to "thousands of other search engines" (how many have you ever heard of and ever get used by anyone? Google, Bing, err...) - but that will be a bulk submission, set the parameters and run, no big deal.

    Maybe they've been doing social media stuff too but whatever, if the website is unchanged apart from street address the implication is that SEO is relying heavily on key phrases that incorporate the name of the town. In that case what does Google Analytics have to say about whether those search phrases are delivering good leads?

    If the SEO did all of the above the SEO work should be pretty minimal - an hour's work at the outside, certainly not "start over".

    Hell, I've just realised I'm advising a LAWYER! where do I send my invoice for a few hundred dollars?!

    Bottom line is if I were looking for a lawyer I'd first seek recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues rather than pick an unknown.  I think the purpose of a lawyer's website is to put some meat on the bones of a more conventional referral - like friend says  "Sue, Grabbit and Runne did me a great job at a fair price" so I'll check out their web site.