Why does my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 constantly turn off?

Anonymous July 4, 2014
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and it wouldn’t turn on. I tried a method where I’m supposed to hold the power button while it charges. This method worked.  The tablet turned on, but it stays on the screen were there’s the charging bar. Then I have to hold the power button to get it fully on.

But every time I hold and press to get it to turn on, it automatically turns off. And then I have to repeat the process multiple times for it to work. After that it turns on and I use it for ten minutes. And then turns automatically off

I’m really tired of doing that whole process. Please help anyone?!?!

  1. Cindra
    July 6, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    We had the same problem with our Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 also. Charging it for an hour or so helped before turning it on. We also had a problem with the connector outlet. After a while it would not charge and we had to wrap the cord around the device, hold your mouth just right and it might start charging. After a while that didn't seem to work either... even new battery didn't work! Did any one else have problems trying to charge their devices??

  2. Jan F
    July 4, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Are you charging via a wall outlet or a USB port on your computer? Depending on what is running on the tab the USB port may not supply enough power to charge the device while it's turned on. Maybe try letting it charge for an hour or two and then turn it on.

    You may also be facing a dead battery in which case a repair would be the only solution.