Can I run Jolicloud alongside Splashtop / QuickWeb on a HP Mini netbook?

Ujwol January 21, 2011
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I just bought a HP Mini 110-3120 netbook and was eager to install Jolicloud on it, but found out it already has Splashtop (HP QuickWeb) OS installed alongside Windows 7 Starter.

I want to use both Jolicloud & Splashtop on my netbook. Since both Splashtop & Jolicloud are based on Linux, will installing Jolicloud in Windows conflict with Splashtop?

  1. Drewgunn
    January 26, 2011 at 4:39 am

    Here is my tip. As I am about to embark on this same process. Since Jolicloud is really based on cloud computing; use a SD card for Jolicloud. You will have the best of all three to test with no worries in multiboot partitions. Splashtop installs through windows. Download the iso version of Jolicloud, port it to your favorite SD card preferably 2GB or higher for offline user data, and leave it in the netbook at all times. A tip that would be useful is to use a large capacity SD with room for Readyboost if your running Windows 7. Hope this helps as this is the way I will be using Jolicloud on my Mini 210.