Can I run Chromium OS from USB without connecting to the Internet?

Avinash Reddy March 6, 2010
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Can I run chromium OS without connecting to Internet and what is the Username and password it is asking for? If it is compulsory how shall I get connected from mobile wireless modem like Photon+? I tried using Photon+ so far n I didn’t suceed. PLZhelp me

  1. GeekLad
    March 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Chromium OS is really built for "netbooks", so I would say yes, you do need an Internet connection to use it. You may want to try one of the builds posted here:

    The individual running that site appears to be quite active in updating his Chromium OS builds (which he currently calls Flow). I'm not sure if his latest build supports Photon+ or not, but it is certainly worth a shot.