Any rumors of the next Windows?

Niku D March 4, 2014
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Any rumors of the next Windows?

  1. Oron J
    March 5, 2014 at 10:27 am

    There are plenty of rumours, and at least two "next" versions of Windows. There's "Spring", sometimes referred to as 8.2 and there's 9, which is due in April 2015.

    Spring will obviously be released as a service pack and will be a free "update". Rumours are that it the Microsoft App Store for desktop & phone will be unified by then, so that could be seen as a "feature", and it's clear there will be more back-pedalling on the Modern/Desktop separation. One suggestion is that Modern apps will be able to run within Windows. It also appears that the "classic" start menu (that is, a menu listing applications) will come back as an option, though this may have to wait for Windows 9. There is also talk of other incremental changes to the Modern interface, though details are thin on the ground. Finally, there's talk about a simplification of the range of products across the board (i.e. for desktop, tablets and phone), with all sharing a common core and available in a narrow range of options.

    Having said all that, my own 2p worth is that we won't really know anything until it happens, since Microsoft seems to be in a panic and is changing it's plans almost by the day. It's clear that as far as the market is concerned, MS got it wrong, big time, with Windows 8, and it's not sure how to fix it. Expect plenty more rumours!