Should I return a 20′ HDMI to DVI-D 1.3 cable for a 1.4 or does it really matter?

Barry Brozen March 3, 2012
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Is it worth the return charge to replace the 20′ 1.3 HDMI to DVI-D cable just purchased on EBAY to get a 1.4? @$12.39. I see NOW that they are both the same price. PLEASE tell me the differences. Thank you VERY much!
PS: I am using this to connect my PC to my TCL 40″ TV.

  1. Mike
    March 4, 2012 at 1:17 am

    The benefit of HDMI 1.4 over 1.3 are primarily the Ethernet channel and the 4K x 2K resolution support - none of it is supported by DVI-D [single- or dual-link].