How can I repeatedly refill ink cartridges of a HP Deskjet F2410?

CMWong November 6, 2011

I am using a HP Deskjet F2410 printer. I am able to refill my black cartridge by injection, but only for 2 or 3 times, after which the printer would reject the cartridge. Is there any way to fix the problem? Is it possible to fix external ink for this model?

    November 6, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Hello, have you tried resetting the printer when your ink gets rejected? 

    -- turn on printer
    -- open cover and remove both the black and color cartridge
    -- close cover
    -- remove power cord from back of printer/or from outlet
    -- disconnect cables running to computer
    -- wait a couple of minutes
    -- plug in the power cord and then cables
    -- open the cover and install black/color cartridges
    -- turn on printer
    -- check to see if you get error you were getting
    -- if not, print a test page

    You could also try reinstalling the cartridge, but if you are like everybody else, you have probably tried this already.  Sometimes cleaning the contacts helps but as with almost everything, it is hit and miss.  Another important factor is that ink cartridges have an expiry date.  I have heard before of people refilling ink cartridges up to 8 times and then the cartridge needed replacement.  It was mostly due, to cartridges that had reached their expiry date. 

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