How can I remove ISO files from a CD?

Tom Hudson Sr. November 30, 2011

I downloaded a number of ISO files to my computer. Some were copied to CDs and some were burnt to CDs using Roxio. I want to re-use the CDs. How can I eliminate the ISO related files from the CDs? I use Windows XP.

    November 30, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Hello, unless you use re-writable CD media like CD+ or - RW, that is not possible.  Regular CDs with the - (minus sign) cannot be rewritten.  Regular CD's with the + (plus sign) can be added content to if there is enough space and they are not finalized.  Once you finalized CD+ you can not do anything else. 

    If you are using CD(+ or -) RW they can be rewritten a few times.  Only thing you have to do is insert disk into drive, start up burning software, select the file/files to burn and click on burn.  When computer recognizes the rewritable disk, it will ask you if you want to delete content already there and you select yes.  Then you can burn new files into CD. 

    Keep in mind that not all drives are able to burn all the different variants.  Usually drives classed as multi-drives or super multi drives, can burn almost any kind of disks.