How can I remove duplicate data from Outlook 2007?

Dave February 28, 2011

What is the best way to find and remove duplicate contacts, tasks, and notes in Outlook 2007?

  1. Anonymous
    March 1, 2011 at 2:20 pm


    if you export the contacts, edit them (fairly easy in excel) and import,
    outlook should identify the duplicates and merge them. to add the same notes to multiple contacts You'll need to copy and paste. You could use in-cell editing and show
    the notes/message field- then you can paste without opening each item.

    turn on in line editing. You do it when in a table view, right click the column header, customise current view, other settings, allow in cell editing.

    After installing the free program, run Outlook and look for the newly added ODIR menu. Click it, then choose Remove Duplicate Items. Select the folder you want ODIR to scan; it will find duplicates and relocate them to a subfolder called “ODIR_Duplicate_Items" from where you can analyse delete the items that you don’t require any more.

    ODIR recognizes an item as a duplicate if all of the following properties match those of another item in the same folder:

    •Contact items:
    first name, last name, company name and email address
    •Appointment items:
    subject, location, start date and end date
    •Task items:
    subject, start date, due date and status
    •Note items:
    contents of the note (Body property) and colour
    •E-mail or Post items:
    - received emails: the Internet message ID (this is a unique identifier for each email received)
    - sent emails: email subject and the time the email is sent (PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME)
    - unsent emails: email subject only.

    if you would like for better support then try a shareware Anti-Dupe (14.95USD)

    You can also follow microsoft guide

    Alternative to ODIR is AODR (Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover)
    The Supported Outlook version: Microsoft Outlook 2010/2007/2003.

    Try using a proper namespace definition for this property eg if you take the
    example from

    How to print all contact fields including the notes field
    To accomplish this, one solution is to add that field to your current view. This can be done by selecting the Contacts folder and choosing View -> Arrange By -> Current View --> Customize Current View and clicking the Fields button. You can now remove or add any fields as you need. There's a drop-down menu under the prompt "select available fields from" and you may need to change this to see the field or fields you need to add (for example, the Notes field).
    Once the field is added, you can just print it out by selecting Print under the File menu or using the icon on the icon bar.

  2. Dave
    February 28, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you for this...

    I did not see any way to confirm if the note field was the same in the contact? My contacts may be duplicated but the notes field is where the differences actually preside.

    Have you used ODIR Outlook Duplicate Items Remover 1.4.4? How accurate is it as it pertains to my notes concern above? How could I compare the notes field?

    Thank you


  3. Anonymous
    February 28, 2011 at 8:14 pm


    ODIR Outlook Duplicate Items Remover 1.4.4

    1.In MS Outlook 2007 as well as MS Outlook 2002, go to View menu and point to Current View. Now click the change the folder view to table type view. In MS Outlook 2003, point to Arrange By option in the View Menu, Point to Current View and select to change the folder view to a table type View. For example, use the following view and field combinations:

    Active Appointments
    Phone List
    Entry List
    Notes List

    2.Right-click the column heading and select the Field Chooser

    3.Right from the list at the top of the Field Choose, click to select the All fields

    4.Drag the Modified field to the table heading

    5.Now confirm that the duplicate items have a unique date from the original set of items. If the date is unique, select the Modified heading so that the items are sorted by this field.

    6.Select the first item in the set that you wish to delete, go down to the last item in the set that you wanted to delete and then click the last item while you hold down the SHIFT key

    7.Press DELETE key to permanently delete all selected items