How can I remove DRM from Amazon eBooks on the Mac?

MJ September 7, 2010

Hi, Will you make an update to this article How To Remove DRM from MOBI and PRC eBooks How To Remove DRM from MOBI and PRC eBooks Read More ? I tried to follow your instructions, but I keep getting stuck in using the Terminal in Mac. Would really love a follow up article for this. I’m using Kindle for Mac and have an iPod Touch.

In the Terminal, there’s a >>> then I would type in cd /home/MyComputerName/FolderName

But it keeps showing a syntax error. Help Please!

  1. MJ
    September 15, 2010 at 6:36 am

    I see... got it! Still not able remove the DRM but was able to find the path in Mac. Thanks a lot!

  2. Simon Slangen
    September 9, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Hi MJ,

    The article provided an example of a path. The actual path depends on the computer you're using (different operating systems use different folder structures) and the actual location of your file.

    On Mac OS X, paths start with:
    That's your home folder. If your file is in an 'ebooks' folder on your desktop, the path will be:

    One more thing. Terminal will misread spaces in the path. Avoid using spaces in your folder names, or enter a backslash before each space in the path. Oftentimes, when the path is too complicated, it helps to just move the file to a different folder, higher up in the chain.
    e.g. If I've got an image 'Screen shot.jpg' on my desktop, the path would be:
    /Users/insert-username-here/Desktop/Screen shot.jpg