How do I recover an Autocad .DWG file?

Tomas34idleton July 2, 2014
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Need assistance with recovering an Autocad  .DWG file.

This morning I tried to open an Autocad 2006 .DWG file and I got a message saying that there was a problem with my file and that I had to try to recover it using the RECOVER command. When I did this, I got the following message:

Reading Handle 171763 Object type AcDbHatch. Error 13 (eUnknown handle) object discarded.

10 seconds later Autocad crashes!

I noticed that the error had something to do with hatches so I tried to open my file partially leaving out my hatch layers. The problem is that when I try to open my file partially Autocad opens a new blank drawing and does not even open the window where I can choose my layers.

Does anybody know of a way to recover my file or is it lost forever?

  1. Oron J
    July 2, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    One thing that's worth trying is opening it in some other software that supports .dwg. Quite often, a minor corruption that will stump one program will not stop it opening in another.