Can you recommend a software to monitor user log ins on a Windows 7 PC?

Xartz May 14, 2010

Need to find a software to keep track of the user log in. To monitor the actions done with the computer of another user (non administrative). Basically log in\off times etc. I tried Event viewer in Windows 7, but cant find what I was looking for. A third party app will help. Thanks!

  1. Johnrockfellerz
    June 13, 2011 at 11:34 am

    ADAudit Plus is a valuable
    security tool that will help you be compliant with all the IT
    regulatory acts. With this tool, you can monitor user activity such
    as logon, file access, etc. A configurable alert system warns you of
    potential threats.


  2. Anshul Dixit
    May 20, 2010 at 3:35 am

    I'll tell you two methods that I know of.

    I came across this innovative method and use it on my laptop. Works extremely well for me.
    1) Install Dropbox ( a free tool to store, sync and share files online). Read about it here //

    2) Download "Dropbox Screen Grabber"- a dropbox addon for taking and saving screenshots.

    3) Download "AutoHotKey" from This is a free, open-source utility for Windows with which you can automate almost anything in Windows.
    Use the following Autohotkey script

    Loop {
    Sleep, 300000

    In the above script Shift+F10 is the hot key which will get activated in every 5 min (Sleep, 300000 defines that). You can make it more frequent by reducing the number mentioned here.

    If you don't know how to use a script in Autohotkey read this simple tutorial

    4) You are ready to go. Just add this utility to your startup folder so that it gets started whenever your system is turned on. In case you are not shutting down your machine but just leaving it for a few minutes, run this utility before going. When you return you can see what a user has been upto by seeing the screenshots in your dropbox folder. You can even see this activity from any other computer which you have synced with your dropbox account. Thus you can remotely monitor what is going on in your computer. Since the utility runs in background, the user will not come to know that he's being monitored. As the screenshot will also capture the clock in taskbar so you can also find when a user logged in and logged out.

    There might be many software doing this which I may not be aware of, but I personally like this method because firstly I can monitor all the things that a user is doing on my system and secondly by using this method I learned how to use Autohotkey (which is very simple to use) which helped me automate many tasks that I perform regularly on my computer, like opening

    Use Debut Video Capture software. You can download the free version from

    It runs silently in the background and can record a movie of your desktop screen from the webcam. After capturing the video, it can send you the recording via email attachments using the default email program on your desktop or upload the recorded video to any web server via FTP access.

    I haven't used this method so can't tell you in detail about it.

  3. Steve Campbell
    May 14, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    I found this program while Googling your question. I'm not sure if it works or if it's any good, but it seems to do what you require: