Can you recommend software to create a word-web?

Durand May 6, 2010
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I am looking for software (pay or open source) that will allow me to create a word web that interconnects words that I choose based on whatever criteria I decide, and shows those links in a 3D form. The only two examples that are close to what I need are:

asterisq and the 3D mapping system in EVE Online.

I like astrisq’s framework (specifically the example of Optimize Network of Professionals), but I would prefer EVE’s static, unbouncy feel. Being able to click-focus, double click-center, right click to rotate would be exactly what I need.

Is there anything out there?

  1. Davey
    May 15, 2010 at 5:24 am

    I use for my word-web mapping. It's simple, easy and FREE!