Can you recommend a free visual traceroute program?

Smarty April 18, 2011
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There is a cool program from Visualware Called “Visual Route.”

Problem is that it is very expensive (at least for this student) and the free version is practically useless.

Is there a similar program out there that is of high quality?

Oh, yes -> and free?


  1. Mike
    April 18, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    One option would be to use an online version like YouGetSignal

    On a general note none of those tools are really that helpful.
    Geographic IP Traces usually end at the point where they are assigned which is the Internet Service Provider. So all you get is the location of the Tier-3 Network not from the actual user or server behind it.

    You could get the same results looking up the owner of the Subnet in the RIPE database ( and then Google for their address.