Can you recommend a file sharing service with an uploading speed faster than File&Image Uploader?

germirli April 28, 2011
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I want to upload big files to internet. I went through many pages to know what is the best uploader. I came w?th the decision that File&Image Uploader is the best, but my problem is the upload speed. I have 2mbps download speed with my hotfile premium, but my upload speed is 44Kbps.

If you prefer any other uploader, please mention. Thanks.

  1. Mil Mar
    April 29, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    File&Image Uploader is just a program that takes the files on your computer, makes a connection to your hotfile server, and then sends them the data. So to clear things up, the problem is not the program you are using, its your connection to the server.
    (On a side-note, Filezilla is arguably the best FTP prog out there)

    Go to:

    Get your max upload speed by choosing a sever thats closest to you; then get another test done using NY or California. That should give you a good estimate on what your typical upload speed would look like.

    You want to ask Hotfile, what there typical upload speeds are. Usually, companies won't say it on the website if its it's bad. Otherwise, the best services are ones that advertise unlimited data speeds. Not "unlimited downloading", you want to find something that talks about SPEED. On one of there pages, they say:

    "Your daily download is limited only by your connection speed."

    So, theres that. Compare your speed test results with Hotfile rep says.

    Side note: unless you are affiliate linking (for money) you can use any other web/file host for storage of your files. All of these serves are just HDs in another location. If you are not satisfied with Hotfile AND your speedtest upload results are high, search around.