How can I reactivate the all page or chapter option for printing?

Arizaldo May 28, 2010
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When copying a highlight of a document or letter to my printer, it used to give me the all page or chapter. How can I bring this feature back? I’m using Windows Vista and HP All in One?

  1. Steve Campbell
    May 28, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Try clicking Print without highlighting anything and see if it brings up such options. If you're in Word you can also try going into the Print options to see if there is a setting of some kind that you can use.

    When you say that it used to give you the option and it doesn't now, I'm wondering if a setting got changed or some kind of update affected it. If you can think of any changes that were made to your system, you could perhaps do a system restore to an earlier time when you know it was working and see if the option returns.