Best Quality Pocket-sized Video Camera?

Gray Watters February 20, 2010
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Any suggestions?I am looking for a pocket-sized video camera. Does anyone know which ones offer the best video quality at affordable prices.

  1. Anonymous
    February 20, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    It depends on what your looking to do. The first camcorder I bought I spent $700 on and then the screen went out a year or two later. The quality was high but I realized I didn't need that much quality for what I was doing.

    Practically all I want now is just to be able to film short segments and easily transfer them to friends and family and not have to haul around a video camera bag, etc.

    All that to say - I bought the new ipod nano that has a video camera (5th generation). It really does the trick and the quality is way more than any phone (excluding the iphone perhaps). It fits in my pocket and does music too. Uploads easily and I love it!

    I would suggest that or maybe the FLIP video camera.

    $149.00 For the 8GB ipod you get 8 hours of video.

    Flip is the same price I think.

    Hope that help,


  2. Aibek
    February 20, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Here are relatively recent recommendations from some of the most authoritative sources when it comes to gadgets.

    - Wired recommends Kodak Zi8 (see here)
    - PC World did an article on, Top-Rated HD Pocket Camcorders
    - Another 5 recommendations from Engadget in, Ask Engadget: Best pocket-sized camcorder out there?

    I noticed all three mention KodakZi8. The price seem to be in $180 range.